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I can do a very few things, but can't a lot


Provide suggestion for buliding any kind of website and web application. Provide help with DNS management, Hosting, Private Server issues, SSL etc.

Responsive Design

Design websites from scratch with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Can hack into various templating systems, such as, WordPress, Django, Jekyll, Hyde and more.

Testing and debugging

Can test and debug web designs and web apps made with HTML, Javascript and python.


Recent Projects


Bookstore and blog in WordPress

A Landing page

Experimental Design

A Blog

Website Design

Another Landing page

Website Design

A Jekyll Theme

Website Design

Flexy Framework

Website Design


Website Design


This is me

  • Bio

    My name is Utsargo Roy. Born in Khulna city. Love to eat, read and swim. And to code ofcourse.

  • Enthusiasm

    I have a deep interest in computing and programming. I love to code and learn new things of modern computing. Surely, I can't do a lot of things, but I have no denial to learn more and more.

  • Expertise

    I am skilled in web design jobs. Can work in a versatile area of web design and always try to upgrade my expertise. I typically work with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Have some experience in various Javascript libraries, for example, Node.js, React.js, Ajax, Jquery, Redux, Gulp etc. Efficient in SCSS, SASS and LESS. I am very good at testing and debugging application within my expertise area.

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